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12 Ways to Fill Your Pipeline and Find Opportunities to Win Government Contracts
  • • Do you rely on FedBizOpps to find Government contracting opportunities?
  • • Or, perhaps, you are more sophisticated and use a paid pipeline tool such as INPUT, Centurion Compass, or Onvia as well as an occasional “marketing” visit to your Government customers – but this is where it ends?
  • • ​Are you frustrated that you miss opportunities that otherwise would be PERFECT for your company?
  • ​• Do you secretly hope that one day you will find the right “rolodex guru”you can afford to pay to do your business development, because your own relationship guy or gal hasn’t found all the opportunities you had hoped for?
  • ​• Do you want your business to grow aggressively in a vast $500+ billion Federal market (and even larger state+local+Federal Government market), but it is not growing as fast as you had planned? (And all the while you see others double and triple the size of their businesses in a span of a year?)
The truth is – one of the key ingredients to the formula for growing aggressively in the Government market is finding better quality contracting opportunities. A better quality opportunity means that it:
  • • Matches your core competencies
  • • Is located early in the procurement cycle so that you have time to prepare
  • • ​Offers you the chance to contribute to the development of the requirements to maximize your win probability
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Olessia Smotrova-Taylor, CF.APMP Fellow

President and CEO of OST Global Solutions, Inc., has more than 20 years of experience in business development, communications, and marketing, including more than 15 years in contract capture and proposal management. She led winning bids for four out of five top Government contractors, winning more than $20 billion over the course of her career. She is the author of the book How to Get Government Contracts: Have a Slice of $1 Trillion Pie. She also consults and teaches others how to get contracts with the Government and large commercial organizations, as well as developing processes, tools, and Bid & Proposal Academy courses that enhance business developers’ abilities to win business. She has taught a graduate course at the Stevens Institute of Technology, and provided training to Treasury and NASA. She has served for two years as the President of the National Contracts Management Association (NCMA) Bethesda/Medical Chapter, and for 2 years as the President of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) National Capital Area Chapter. She is recognized as an APMP Fellow for her contributions to the field of capture and proposals – the highest honor in the business development profession. Prior to supporting hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and small businesses as a proposal consultant and growing OST, she worked as a business developer for Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, and wrote for the Financial Times of London.

Alex Brown, AM.APMP

Director of Services at OST Global Solutions, and a Business Development SME with 17 years of experience in Government and commercial markets, including 13 years in the Federal market. At OST Global Solutions, he has helped develop multiple service lines including direct Business Development services for clients, multiple classroom training programs (from capture to writing) and a re-launch of their consulting division. Over the last 13 years, he has supported proposal efforts for Top 100 and multiple mid to small Federal contractors. Prior to his work at OST Global Solutions, Alex supported Proposal Development Consultants as a relationship manager for consultants and Federal contractors in the metro DC area. Also, at VediorNA and Ingenta, he worked both in business development and in information architecture/project management, servicing Fortune 500 clients in the Boston metro area. Alex is active with multiple associations as a member and as a guest speaker including APMP, NCMA, AFCEA, Women in Technology, and multiple Gov Con events. Currently he is on the board of directors for APMP NCA and has been since 2008. - Copyright © {{YYYY}} All Rights Reserved