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eBook: 10 Success Factors for Building a Government Contract Opportunities Pipeline

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A healthy federal business development pipeline results in fast business growth and accurate financial projections. This eBook delves into the 10 success factors for federal business development pipeline that will help you identify and qualify opportunities, choose the right platform for your pipeline, set up an effective pipeline management process, and get the right types of business information to set an effective growth strategy.
Here is what the eBook covers:
  • A primer on what a business opportunities pipeline is in federal contracting
  • Which pipeline tool is appropriate for your business size, staff, and level of sophistication
  • How to find the right opportunities for your company
  • How to ensure the opportunities you find are real
  • How to qualify opportunities well
  • When to assign a dedicated person to manage your pipeline
  • How to develop subsets of your pipeline to include Task Orders for your Indefinite Delivery Vehicles
  • What proven practices should you implement to maintain a healthy, balanced, and clean pipeline?
  • What metrics should you track to facilitate the right business decisions?
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